A responsible Man!

13 Apr

Its is a normal practice for the  lady of the house to requisition the service of young girls from the maid’s family to accompany their daughters after childbirth to assist the daughter in her responsibilities in the city.The son in law was a businessman and had no time for these arrangements.

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Shaved vs Engaged

26 Dec

Once upon a time in the land of Gillette a beautiful lady is given a bunch of photographs to select a man for her life!! She finds her perfect match folks let them introduced.

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Waist Line!!!

18 Oct

We go to gym and we do exercise and we also maintain our waist. But wondered why was that exercise. Did you ask your instructor how would that help? If not you should there are few exercise that could also damage your slipdisc!! Our waist is joined with backbone. Backbone is the foundation of human body. It is made up of small vertebrates and a tissue pad is situated between the two vertebrates. This pad is said to be the disc. These discs bear the pressure that is mounted on backbone. Disc is a soft and jelly like structure and from outer side it is hard. Sometimes with a sudden jerk or pressure throws on backbone, backbone transfers it to the disc, disc is broken from its weaker part and the jelly like substance affects the nerve. It causes the problem of slip disc.

Our whole body bears the pressure of work but waist bears the utmost weight and pressure and it increases the possibilities of slip disc and this problem occurs in women more than man. Woman should take care of her waist.


Take care Skin!

3 Sep

This is the best way to test your skin type and you should take care of the skin accordingly.

Inspired by : Veena Sethi

The best way to test the dry skin is- apply gram powder paste ( take a tea spoon gram powder and mix some drop of water to make the paste) on the face and wash it with normal water after sometime, If you find your skin is stretching than normal, it is definitely dry skin.If oil is almost absent on the tissue paper, this is the sure sign of dry or normal skin.If your test  shows oil on the nose, chin and forehead, you have mixed type of skin tone. whenever you wake up in the morning, take a tissue paper and put it over your face and press  it at check, forehead nose and chin area. Don’t rub the face with tissue paper, only press it on the above area. If you find oil on tissue paper , your skinis oily. The checks area is dryer than rest of the face.

Second coming!!!

22 Apr
This is my First post on this blog. I have had blogs before but because of my busy schedule I was not regular. I am working as a Fashion stylist and I like to share few tips:
Inspired by Veena Sethi
Take care of the arms:-
Don’t clean your arms quickly with soap and apply body lotionover it. You should take care of your arms as you take care of your hands and feet. So your arms need regular attention because the seasonal effect is also seen in your arms. Arms are also being the victim of blackness and spots. So don’t neglect your arms.
 To make arms beautiful and soft. Apply these tips regular:-
Tips for shaped and beautiful arms-
1-      Seasonal effect is clearly seen on the arms as blackness and spots. Apply salt once in a week on the arm before the bath and remove it by rubbing. If possible use readymade pack that contains the skin cleaning and moisture containing elements. Apply it on arms and keep it for 15 minutes. Bleaching treatment once in a month also reduces the blackness and spots.
2-      Clean the arms daily specially the elbows because the affect of blackness is seen on the elbows very soon. Clean the arms with cleanser and rub gently with soft cloth or soft body brush. Apply lemon juice on the elbow once in a week and keep for 5-10 minutes or use any scrub that cleans the elbows deeply.
3-      Apply body lotion or moisturizer after the bath, so the skin is being soft. Use sunscreen when you go for outing to avoid the harmful effect of UV Rays.