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Take care Skin!

3 Sep

This is the best way to test your skin type and you should take care of the skin accordingly.

Inspired by : Veena Sethi

The best way to test the dry skin is- apply gram powder paste ( take a tea spoon gram powder and mix some drop of water to make the paste) on the face and wash it with normal water after sometime, If you find your skin is stretching than normal, it is definitely dry skin.If oil is almost absent on the tissue paper, this is the sure sign of dry or normal skin.If your test  shows oil on the nose, chin and forehead, you have mixed type of skin tone. whenever you wake up in the morning, take a tissue paper and put it over your face and press  it at check, forehead nose and chin area. Don’t rub the face with tissue paper, only press it on the above area. If you find oil on tissue paper , your skinis oily. The checks area is dryer than rest of the face.