Second coming!!!

22 Apr
This is my First post on this blog. I have had blogs before but because of my busy schedule I was not regular. I am working as a Fashion stylist and I like to share few tips:
Inspired by Veena Sethi
Take care of the arms:-
Don’t clean your arms quickly with soap and apply body lotionover it. You should take care of your arms as you take care of your hands and feet. So your arms need regular attention because the seasonal effect is also seen in your arms. Arms are also being the victim of blackness and spots. So don’t neglect your arms.
 To make arms beautiful and soft. Apply these tips regular:-
Tips for shaped and beautiful arms-
1-      Seasonal effect is clearly seen on the arms as blackness and spots. Apply salt once in a week on the arm before the bath and remove it by rubbing. If possible use readymade pack that contains the skin cleaning and moisture containing elements. Apply it on arms and keep it for 15 minutes. Bleaching treatment once in a month also reduces the blackness and spots.
2-      Clean the arms daily specially the elbows because the affect of blackness is seen on the elbows very soon. Clean the arms with cleanser and rub gently with soft cloth or soft body brush. Apply lemon juice on the elbow once in a week and keep for 5-10 minutes or use any scrub that cleans the elbows deeply.
3-      Apply body lotion or moisturizer after the bath, so the skin is being soft. Use sunscreen when you go for outing to avoid the harmful effect of UV Rays.

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