Waist Line!!!

18 Oct

We go to gym and we do exercise and we also maintain our waist. But wondered why was that exercise. Did you ask your instructor how would that help? If not you should there are few exercise that could also damage your slipdisc!! Our waist is joined with backbone. Backbone is the foundation of human body. It is made up of small vertebrates and a tissue pad is situated between the two vertebrates. This pad is said to be the disc. These discs bear the pressure that is mounted on backbone. Disc is a soft and jelly like structure and from outer side it is hard. Sometimes with a sudden jerk or pressure throws on backbone, backbone transfers it to the disc, disc is broken from its weaker part and the jelly like substance affects the nerve. It causes the problem of slip disc.

Our whole body bears the pressure of work but waist bears the utmost weight and pressure and it increases the possibilities of slip disc and this problem occurs in women more than man. Woman should take care of her waist.



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