A responsible Man!

13 Apr

Its is a normal practice for the  lady of the house to requisition the service of young girls from the maid’s family to accompany their daughters after childbirth to assist the daughter in her responsibilities in the city.The son in law was a businessman and had no time for these arrangements.

He was happy that his in laws have done their bit.

The girl was hardly 8 years old but  was attracted by the city and did not grumble for she had good food and rest and had to give company to the young toddler and help In the chores assigned to her.

All went well for a month and the maid was relieved that her child is safe and healthy though in a new environment.

There was bad news all of a sudden.During their visits to the park the family noticed that the girl serving them had veered  round a sharp corner and vanished out of sight.In fact she was led away by somebody as they came to know later.

Meantime there was a ruckus back home ,the maid demanding furiously for loacating her daughter and was threatening the landlady of dire consequences.It is not legal to employ girls of that age and that too   taking away to a city .They are morally bound to answer.

They can do nothing but had to stand their ground till a search is done.They were rich and normally not bother much.

 The son in law had a factory in the city.He had hardly anytime for house.But he found his mother in laws stand very heinous.He was observant of the devotion with which the small girls was handling the new born son.She was just like his own daughter.

He immediately requisition all his 100 nos work force from the factory and explains his predicament to them and his helplessness.They lose no time .The factory is shut due to this reason and they all fan out in the city and being locals and with vast contact and the Govt machinery by their side they trace the girl

About to be transported in the cargo container to the Metro region .

Men go about their business un mindful of day to day activities but sit up and take notice when they feel their responsibility.

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