Shaved vs Engaged

26 Dec

Once upon a time in the land of Gillette a beautiful lady is given a bunch of photographs to select a man for her life!! She finds her perfect match folks let them introduced.


In the introductory round the man is all decked up nicely in formals (women find men hot in formals for information purpose only!) cool hairstyle, neat shoes, clean shaved, eyes shining out of smiles. A perfect man with combination of brains and beauty!! All is going so perfect!! Coffee, brunch to dinner all in place. Slowly  and steadily they fall in love and here they go on the very day of making all official and announcing wedding date. Folks from both families, friends and everybody arrive in this magnificently done venue to dine and wine on the happy occasion. The girl’s family & friends are awaiting to see the man of her life. With all desperations to have a glimpse of him they all stand out to greet him. The guy steps out of a Merc nice fair tall smartly dressed and oh what ugly face ???!!!  A STUBBLE?? The girl’s friend greet him with wierd smile & gesture. As soon as he walk upto her she finds her friends and some aunties giggling at him. She finds it strange and walks upto them to see what was wrong. They tell her what actually was wrong “stubble”. Questions like whar does he do?? How old is he? Isn’t he handsome!! All took aside and questions like why does he have a stubble? Does he not have enough money to get shaved? Why does he look as if he is a drug addict? Comes into existence.
The girl smiled with all embarrassment and walks away from that conversation. When the father is about to announce their wedding she yells stop and runs away.
Is Stubble that important to man that on of his best days of his life he can’t afford to have a clean Shave?

This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with


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